Vocabulary Words for Test on April 29

1. nutrition        noun             the food that you eat and the way that it affects your health

2. grains            noun              a seed or seeds from types of grass which are eaten as food

3. vitamin         noun              one of a group of natural substances in food that you need to be healthy

4. essential       adjective       very important and necessary, used about the substances that your body needs in order to stay healthy

5. soak               verb                to put something in liquid for a period of time

6. grind              verb               to break something into very small pieces or powder, by using a machine or by crushing it between two hard surfaces

7. overweight    adjective        heavier than a person, or an object, should be

8. swallow         verb                 move your throat in order to make food or drink go down

9. century         noun                one hundred years

10. tolerant       adj                   willing to accept behavior and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them

11. habitat         noun                the natural surroundings in which an animal or plant usually lives

12. predator      noun               an animal that hunts, kills, and eats other animals

13. prey             noun                an animal that is hunted and killed for food by another animal

14. adapt           verb                 to change something so that it is suitable for a different use or situation

15. nocturnal   adjective         happening in or active during the night, or relating to the night

16. wisdom       noun               the ability to make good decisions based on knowledge and experience

17. asteroid      noun                a rock that is smaller than a dwarf planet that orbits the sun

18. meteor       noun                a meteoroid (a piece of stone or metal that travels in space around the sun) that enters the Earth’s atmosphere, heats up, and looks like a brief streak of fire in the sky

19. astronomy  noun                the study of everything that is or was in space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere

20. helmet        noun                a hard hat that protects your head

21. flock            noun                 a group of animals, usually birds or sheep

22. boulder      noun                 an extremely large rock

23. skilled        noun                 having the ability and experience to do something well

24. cause         verb                   to make something happen

25. arachnid  noun                  any of a group of small animals, similar to insects but with four pairs of legs, that include spiders, scorpions, ticks, and mites


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Spelling Words for Test on April 29

Spelling Words, Test, April 29, 2014
1. straighten
2. brought
3. taught
4. knowledge
5. foreign
6. campaign
7. dictionaries
8. studied
9. studying
10. valleys
11. equator
12. community
13. organism
14. penguin
15. measure
16. reached
17. courageous
18. loosen
19. lengthen
20. explanation
21. fraction
22. comprehension
23. possession
24. musician
25. sculpture
26. approximate
27. quite
28. strength
29. beautifully
30. patience


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How to Draw a Square Pyramid

Most of us, me included, struggled with drawing a square pyramid on Friday. And it’s so easy! Just watch this one minute video and you’ll wonder why it was so hard.


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More about Artist M.C. Escher

We looked at short reading on Friday about the artist M. C. Escher. We talked about tessellation, when one shape is used to fill a page with no spaces between the shapes. We’re going to continue to look at tessellation this week. These sites will help you to understand it better.

The official M.C. Escher website provides this biography.

Here is a more basic biography from the Primary Facts website.

Some of Escher’s most famous tessellations are on this page on the official site.

These pages, from the math department at the National University of Singapore, show mathematicians having fun while they do their best to the complexity of Escher’s work. There are very useful animations that show us how the tessellations come to fit together.

This  is a work of art  in the style of Escher. It is obviously by a young student and I like it a lot.

Have fun exploring this site which is ALL about tessellation.

This page, from an art teacher blog, gives detailed instructions for making a tessellation using a shape that is more complex than a triangle or a hexagon.

This site uses Escher’s 1959 work Pegasus to explain the same thing, although with far more detail.

Here’s an interactive site and here are some coloring pages.



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Interactives . 3D Shapes . Polyhedron

Interactives . 3D Shapes . Polyhedron.

The math in Unit 5 of Spotlight is about calculating the surface area of three-dimensional shapes like cubes and prisms and pyramids. This website provides a good introduction to the vocabulary.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to know how to find the surface area of a soccer ball!



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DIY Sun Science Features Hands-on Science Lessons | iPad Apps for School

DIY Sun Science Features Hands-on Science Lessons | iPad Apps for School.

Some of you with an iPad should check this out. It looks like a lot of fun.

There’s lots more on this site. These art apps look great. There are also some useful looking apps for English language learners.


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Memory for Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Mouse is Misbehaving

My mouse is misbehaving
and my keyboard’s on the fritz.
The computer’s not computing,
but is dropping bytes and bits.

The hard drive’s click-click-clicking
and the printer’s spitting ink.
The CD’s started stuttering.
The screen is on the blink.

The memory is failing.
Things are grinding to a halt.
And, even worse, I realize
it’s probably my fault.

I thought it would be funny.
It was really just a joke.
I never thought the whole computer
might go up in smoke.

I guess I learned my lesson:
When it comes to your PCs,
it’s best if you don’t ever try
to feed the mouse some cheese.

–Kenn Nesbitt

Go to Kenn Nesbitt’s website for more of his newest poems.

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